Corporate Overview

  • A fast-growing automotive electronics solution provider who prides an innovative business model

    Since our establishment in Hong Kong back in 2001, Intron Group has been dedicated to serving the automotive electronics industry in China. As a “technology enabler” in the industry, we assist OEMs and component suppliers to deliver industry-leading performance by providing value-added solutions for critical automotive electronic components. Our “ready-for-mass-production” solutions allow customers to shorten product development cycles and improve cost effectiveness amidst the highly competitive automotive market.

    At present, with tightened regulatory requirements and increasing consumers’ demand for smart features in vehicles, local OEMs are craving for solutions align with international standards. That is where Intron comes in. We see Intron becoming a preferred partner of local OEMs and component suppliers, and together capturing the huge growth potential of the automotive industry in China.

  • Strong research & development capabilities with comprehensive automotive electronics solutions

    Intron Technology has a strong and growing professional R&D team. Drawing on its years of R&D and servicing experience, Intron has built a comprehensive product solutions portfolio that covers three major categories of automotive electronic components (for body control, safety and powertrain), as well as three core products – battery management system (“BMS”), vehicle control unit (“VCU”) and motor control unit (“MCU”) – critical for new energy vehicles.

    Backed by its R&D Centre established in early years and unceasing investment and output it has built up over the years, Intron is blazing the technology trail today in the automotive electronics industry. The Company will continue its investment in R&D, with emphasis on new energy vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) Solutions and at the same time, strive to seize the latest industry trends and step up the development of modular solutions for multiple applications, in order to expand market coverage and further enhance our core competitiveness.

  • Strong relationships with partners and customers

    Together with its long-standing strategic partners in world’s top providers specialized in components, embedded software and tool chains, Intron Technology has formed an “all-win” ecosystem that creates value for the automotive electronics industry.

    As for its clientele built up over the past two decades, Intron has established strong partnerships with industry leading OEMs, who procure solutions directly from us or through their component suppliers.

    With strategically placed business presence, we are right there in the neighbourhood of our customers, which allows us to provide timely and superb quality services. Currently, our business network covers 16 major cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changchun, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Chengdu, Jinan and Taipei.