Engineering Services

Providing customized engineering services to assist customers’ adoption of new technologies/products, shorten customers’ product development cycles as well as improve customers’ product quality and reliability.

Our engineering services include: customer consulting, prototype development, product development and product testing and validation.

  • Customer Consulting Service

    Providing customized technical consulting services based on customer requirements or the latest industry technical standards, such as Automotive SPICE, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 "Road Vehicles – Functional Safety" and SAE J3061 “Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems”, etc.

  • Prototype Development Service

    Developing customized functional prototypes for electronic products based on customers’ design concept.

  • Product Development Service

    Providing system design as well as hardware and embedded software development, based on customers’ Statement of Requirements (SOR).

  • Product Testing and Validation Service

    Developing comprehensive product testing programs based on customers’ corporate standards or industry technical standards. Providing testing and validation services for customers’ automotive electronic product samples in our well-equipped engineering Centre.