Accelerate the Deployment of "Software-Defined Vehicles " Intron Technology’s Subsidiary G-Pulse Launched Two High-end Zonal Control Unit (ZCU) Solutions


(Hong Kong, 5 May 2023) Intron Technology Holdings Limited (" Intron Technology "Or "Group"; stock code: 1760.HK), a leading automotive electronics solutions provider in China, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai G-Pulse, has officially launched two high-end front and rear zonal control unit solutions for the intelligent automotive sector. The rear zonal control unit has recently unveiled for the first time on the booth of ETAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch Group, at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Intron's rear zonal control unit

As the core of smart vehicles in the future, the zonal control unit plays a crucial role. It subverts the current mainstream architecture of dividing functions and central gateways, and instead adopts the "Next-Generation Zonal Electrical and Electronic Architecture (Zonal EEA)" based on prioritizing device distribution and management by location. This will effectively handle the physical interfaces of the entire vehicle, distribute the power of regional parts, and balance different input and output controls to support cross-domain integration within the smart vehicles. With the increasing demand high-quality user experience and high-end autonomous driving for software complexity, the advantages of the next-generation Zonal EEA will gradually emerge.

Next-Generation Zonal Electrical and Electronic Architecture Diagram

Intron’s front and rear zonal control unit solutions, as a “technology gift” to software-defined vehicles, use the latest third-generation AURIX™ TC4x series microcontrollers from Infineon. Developed based on the “Central Computing Unit + Zonal Control Station”, electrical and electronic architecture, the solutions reduce wiring, significantly reduce the number of ECUs, reduce vehicle costs, improve software development efficiency, shorten the integration and verification cycle, and achieve full integration of hardware, third-party software, services and functions. The communication transmission is more efficient and the vehicle development is more intelligent, empowering the transformation of Software-Defined Vehicles.

Compared to the second generation, Infineon's third-generation AURIX™ TC4x series microcontrollers have been optimized and improved in terms of computing power, security, and hypervisor. It is equipped with up to six TriCore™ 1.8 embedded cores, each with a clock frequency of up to 500MHz; integrated with a PPU auxiliary processor, which can realize fast vector computation, basic neural network algorithms and other complex mathematical algorithms. In addition, it has added important expansions such as the DRE&CRE routing and forwarding engine, PCIe and CSRM information security modules.

Intron Technology’s front and rear zonal control unit integrate primary and secondary power distribution, body, thermal management, chassis control and other functions, including seat adjustment, electric tailgate adjustment, wiper control, water pump drive, solenoid valve adjustment, air suspension adjustment, etc. The peripherals are equipped with DSI3 signal acquisition and an on-board 8GB eMMC storage module, supporting Gigabit/2.5G Ethernet, among other features. The Intron Technology zonal control unit platform combines ETAS AUTOSAR basic software and SOA design concepts. It has the characteristics of scalability and modularity. It can implement the function landing of the device abstraction layer and the atomic service layer in the zonal control unit, as well as safe and reliable OTA updates.

Intron Technology always pays attention to industry development and market changes, continues to optimize and enhances its capabilities in electronic and electrical architecture and software development, and always maintains the industry's first-class level. It is committed to simplifying and reducing the complexity of smart car design with advanced technology, making vehicles more intelligent, efficient, and safe. Intron Technology will join hands with more industry partners to export more innovative technologies and product solutions to fully embrace the "next future of software-defined vehicles."

According to the data shared by Grand View Research, “It is estimated that by 2025, the global automotive ZCU market will reach US$6 billion, and it will grow at a CAGR of over 7% per year, in which the Asia Pacific region has the fastest market growth.” It is believed that the powerful ZCU may become the decisive point for the development of smart cars in the future and is about to usher in a "big explosion"!

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