Breaking Protocol Barriers and Enhancing the Smart Cockpit Experience
Intron Technology's Subsidiary G-Pulse Launches Domestic Pre-Installed
In-Vehicle Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Solution


(10 October 2023, Hong Kong) – On 9 October 2023, Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or the "Group"; HKEX: 1760), a leading automotive electronics solutions provider in China, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary  Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited launched a domestic 15W~50W pre-installed in-vehicle wireless charging solution for mobile phones, with the aim of providing a safe and economical wireless charging solution with rich functionality and high charging efficiency to empower the upgrading of the smart cockpit experience.

50W pre-installed automotive wireless mobile phone charging solution of Intron Technology

With the in-depth development of new energy vehicle intelligence, many OEMs are constantly exploring more connections between mobile phones and smart vehicles, and mobile phone wireless charging technology has completed excellent application scenarios in the smart cockpit. Comparing with the wired charging of mobile phones in vehicles, the pre-installed wireless charging module in the cockpit can increase the convenience of charging, optimize the charging experience and improve driving safety.

At present, although pre-installed wireless mobile phone charging modules have become the "standard configuration" of smart vehicles, the problem of incompatibility of wireless charging and communication protocols among various mobile phone brands has been criticized. Intron Technology is one of the few suppliers in the industry that simultaneously supports the ultra-fast charging protocols of many mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in China. The pre-installed wireless mobile phone charging platform and solution boast industry-leading technologies and mass production advantages, and are produced based on the latest WPC Qi 1.3/2.0 version protocols. In addition, by adopting localized and vehicle-specific supply chain systems, the products are highly competitive and cost-effective, offering excellent loadability and reliability.

The solution integrates all of the important functions required for wireless charging applications, including built-in SE encryption chips that support Qi1.3/2.0 version protocol certification; support for BPP EPP, the ultra-fast charging protocol of domestic mainstream mobile phone manufacturers; CAN communication, which can carry out instant communication with the VCU and remote OTA upgrades; excellent FOD performance; and integrated NFC modules which enable identification of various types of NFC cards, thus extending the functions of digital car keys. The 50W solution has an active cooling fan design that can achieve real-time accurate monitoring and adjustment of temperature at each point, so the overall solution boasts high efficiency and good heat dissipation. 

Mobile phone wireless charging technology has removed the shackles of cables and has a leading advantage in in-vehicle applications, opening a new and "promising" path in the niche market of smart vehicles. At present, the mainstream pre-installed wireless chargers in the automotive market are mostly 15W modules, but the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's current limit is 50W, so the in-vehicle wireless charger is evolving towards smaller size and more secure and stable operation. It is believed that 50W will gradually replace 15W as the mainstay for pre-installed vehicle applications.

Mr. Sam Qin, Vice President of Intron Technology said, "The in-vehicle pre-installed wireless charging module will improve and enhance the user experience and driving safety of the smart cockpit. Intron Technology is working with its partners to promote the popularization of domestic pre-installed mobile phone superchargers, so that the product is no longer an exclusive configuration for high-end vehicles and benefits more consumers."

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