Intron Technology's Subsidiary G-Pulse Launched a Full-Stack Solution for Gesture Control Revolutionizing and Leading a New Interactive Experience in Automobile Cabin


(Hong Kong, May 24, 2024) -A wholly-owned subsidiary of Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or "Group"; stock code: 1760.HK), a leading provider of automotive electronics solutions in China - Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited, has launched a full stack of gesture control solutions with its in-depth exploration of automotive intelligence, has revolutionized and led new interactive experiences in automobile cabin with advanced technologies through its full stack technological capability and future-oriented accumulation of software and hardware combination.

Intron Technology 3D ToF solution (for illustration purposes only)

ToF is a 3D imaging technology that continuously sends active light pulses to targets within a certain range and collects optical information such as phase shifts generated by the reflected light signal from the object to determine the three-dimensional information of the object's distance and space. Thanks to the maturity of sensors and AI, ToF has revolutionized intelligent interaction and opened up huge application potential in the field of smart cabin with its precise distance measurement capabilities.

With international advanced visual perception technology, Intron Technology 3D ToF solution has, higher-dimensional interactive perception capability, fast response speed and high recognition accuracy. It allows drivers and passengers to interact with smart cockpit and third-party applications, such as 3D facial recognition B-column unlocking, face payment, receiving and making phone calls, audio and video switching, volume adjustment, gesture game and other intelligent operations of entertainment multimedia systems without physical contact. It not only enhances convenience and safety during driving, but also injects more convenience and fun into the driving experience. The conceptual solution was first unveiled at the 2023 China International Intelligent Industry Expo and attracted a lot of attention.

As a complete platform-based system-level solution, INTRON's 3D ToF is a mass-production-oriented and highly scalable solution. INTRON provides full-stack hardware and software technologies with in-depth consideration of compatibility and ecology. The solution consists of depth camera modules, perception and 3D gesture reconstruction algorithms, together with gesture control middleware. While simplifying the complexity of the system, it enables flexible networking, efficient development, and rapid and flexible deployment, and features seamless integration, intergenerational compatibility and flexible configuration.

Cutting-edge International hardware performance, optimal engineering design and calibration integration

The standard depth camera module uses the Infineon super-sensing 3D REAL3™ image sensor based on fifth-generation pixel technology, which is capable of delivering depth data in real time at millisecond capture speeds, and is the world's first automotive-grade ToF sensor to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262 ASIL-B, with the advantages of high integration, fast speed, and excellence performance. The sensor's patented background illumination suppression (SBI) technology is immunity to ambient light and can still operate efficiently at night or in weak light, strong light, rain, snow, and dust storms. At the same time, the monocular system architecture eliminates the need for mechanical alignment and angular correction, even in the event of vibration, dropping or thermal bending, making it optimal for accurate and reliable depth data and minimal camera module design

The standard depth camera module has a relatively simple structure, good heat dissipation performance, and higher reliability. It supports a high VGA resolution of 640×480, large wide-angle FOV of 110°×80°, and high frame rate of over 30fps. It adopts a safe laser module of 940nm, which comply with the IEC60825-1 Class 1, together with an RGB sensor to support 200W RGB pixel images. The master-slave design is compatible with the existing in-cabin IR modules, and can flexibly support the technical evaluation and development for various application scenarios. The overall module is small in size and can be customized according to the installation environment, and flexibly adapted to the in-cabin installation position, such as the position of the vehicle's rear-view mirror, the AB column, the center roof of the vehicle, and the under-screen position, etc.

Based on Infineon's leading image sensor characteristics and deep understanding of ToF technology, combined with its many years of mass production experience and industry-leading product platform development, INTRON explores and achieves the optimal fit balance between modulation pulse frequency, depth accuracy, imaging field of view and resolution in multiple in-cabin scenarios, while at the same time optimising, calibrating and compensating the hardware module through software and algorithms so that the best 3D imaging and processing capabilities of the hardware module are fully exploited. At the same time, software and algorithms optimise, calibrate and compensate the hardware module to make the most of its 3D imaging and processing capabilities.

Intron Technology 3D ToF standard module

"Development as the base, ecology as the priority" to create a new benchmark for seamless cross-modal integration

INTRON 3D ToF is developed and designed with unified architecture, unified software stack and unified standard interface, creating a complete solution of "full ecology and system level", which can be seamlessly integrated and adapted with any built-in or third-party applications in Android, Linux, Harmony OS, OEM car systems. Standard demo integration and deployment can be achieved in as fast as one week, and OTA capability is also available. The software solution is equipped with mapping, filtering, gesture strategy, posture strategy and other algorithms and deeply tuned, the overall performance of the solution far exceeds the performance of similar solutions on the market, achieving high precision and high robust recognition, manipulation and processing in cross-modal.

Intron Technology's self-developed  platform-based middleware maximizes compatibility in terms of algorithm adaptation, standard drive and application ecology. The innovative algorithm adaptation framework can quickly adapt to the algorithm of different manufacturers and shorten the development cycle; it has a dedicated standardized driver framework for the bottom layer, which can be efficiently transplanted and reused on different hardware platforms. For the upper layer applications, it can meet the rapid deployment of customer and OEMs demand functionality, the flexible scheduling and development of various upper-level applications, and support the expansion of more eco-application functions.

The deeply optimized and efficient middleware system platform can provide upper-level applications with recognition based on different parts of the human body, and realize more functions, such as hand gestures, head posture, body sitting posture, and scene support such as active safety and intelligent sound effects. By scanning the key points of the hand, a variety of gesture control functions can be achieved, such as moving, clicking, dragging, custom gestures, etc. It supports the integration of intelligent entertainment systems and APP applications to recommend suitable audio and video programs for people of different ages, including children. It supports 3D facial recognition, according to the expressions or emotions of different passengers, and can recommend different types of music or entertainment information according to the current mood, and based on the sitting posture of different passengers, the body posture and head posture strategy and response can be carried out. It adjusts the seat angle, and even in an emergency, it judges the sitting posture and position to change the pop-up angle and strength of the airbag in real-time to maximize the safety of passengers.

Intron Technology 3D ToF system architecture

Mr. Sam Qin, Chief Technology Officer of Intron Technology said, "In-Cabin 3D ToF is a complex and highly integrated solution, which involves multiple innovative software and hardware technologies, such as illumination units, optical imaging, various algorithms, system middleware, and module design, and extremely tests the suppliers' full-stack development capability. Based on years of mature platform-based development, Intron Technology control the reliability and safety of solutions and products with advanced technology and production-oriented requirements. We deliver not only complete full-stack product solution, but also end-to-end life-cycle engineering services as well. In the future, Intron Technology will work with more ecological partners to deeply empower the implementation of multiple smart cabin solutions, and jointly define and promote the new form of the next-generation intelligent cabin."


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