Panasonic President, Mr. Tsuga visited Intron to promote cooperation in new energy vehicles


On 19th September 2017, Intron has welcomed the visit of Panasonic Team led by the President Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga. Mr. Eddie Chan, the Co-Chairman of Intron, expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Tsuga and his team. The General Manager of Intron, Mr. Philip Chan introduced the growth path and development strategy of Intron. As well as further deepening strategic partnership in the application market of new energy vehicle and more cooperation in the product development targeting Chinese market.

Group photo of Panasonic and Intron senior management team

Co-Chairman of Intro – Mr. Eddie Chan expressed warm welcome and gratitude to Mr. Tsuga and his team

Mr. Philip Chan, General Manager of Intron introduced the company's development path and strategy

Interaction with Mr. Tsuga

Panasonic's is famous for its home appliances in China, but few people know that Panasonic is now the world's tenth largest auto parts suppliers. Panasonic had switched to the B2B direction in recent years, from the previous home appliance manufacturers to system solutions service provider, accelerate the business development in the following four major areas of electronic residential equipment, environmental solutions, interconnect solutions and automotive electronics & electromechanical systems. While the new energy automotive business will become Panasonic major growing force. As China is the world's largest auto market, it ought to be plenty of cooperation opportunities between two companies.

At present, Intron and Panasonic has intended to cooperate in motor controller and battery management system. This visit of Mr. Tsuga and his team demonstrated the acceptance and expectation of Panasonic toward Intron. Intron has accumulated over 15 years of experience in Chinese automotive electronic market, the company has been forward-looking to invest in new energy vehicles technology research and development dated back 10 years ago.

The company has always been in the forefront in technology within the industry and has established the wholly-owned subsidiary – G-pulse which focus in the automotive electronic engineering technology service. With continuous innovative service model, Intron can achieve win-win situation with our partners and customers. We believe the same excellent results will happen to the future cooperation with Panasonic.

Co-Chairman of Intron, Mr. Eddie Chan introduced the innovated service model of the company

Mr. Tsuga browsed the application solutions of Intron in areas of traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles and pilot driving

Mr. Tsuga tested drive the new energy vehicle of local brand (Intron involved with the design of its motor controller, vehicle controller and battery management system)

The revolution of global automobile industry is rapid and rigorous, most major auto countries have announced the timetable to prohibit the selling of fuel vehicles which makes the new energy vehicles a new wave of opportunity. Intron will seize this opportunity to contribute to the development and improvement of the local new energy automotive industry. Let we all work together for a better tomorrow!