Intron Technology’s First Anniversary of Listing: With a Passionate Heart, Advance Forward with Commitment


(12 July 2019, Hong Kong) - One year ago on 12 July 2018, the striking of the gong at HKEX has marked the official listing of Intron Technology Holdings Limited, stock code 1760 (“Intron Technology” or the “Group”) and our entry into the international capital market. The listing has also symbolised the persistence and efforts of the Group over more than a decade and conveys the passion and carries the aspirations of Intron people.

One year later, on the same day in 2019, the Group joyously celebrates the first anniversary of its listing. Facing the “new normal” in the automotive industry, the Group has maintained its positioning as a leading automotive electronics solutions provider. Priding itself on its outstanding R&D and engineering coordination capabilities, unique industry-leading business models and on-going comprehensive services, the Group has not only earned market recognition but also expanded its market position as it has sustained strong growth momentum.

Photo 1: Mr Luk Wing Ming (left), Chairman, Executive Director and Co-CEO of Intron Technology. Mr Chan Cheung Ngai (right), Executive Director and Co-CEO of Intron Technology.

Staying Ahead with Adoption of Organisation- and Culture-first Approach

The management needs to adapt relevant changes in the process transforming the Group from a private entity into a listed company. With Listing, the Group has adopted the management philosophy of “Achieving synergistic and highly effective operations with dual emphasis on both physical and human capital”. The Group has since focused on building a professional, innovative and international expert team. During the past year, the Group has actively developed the Organisation and Management 2.0 Programme and recruited nearly 280 talents in different fields. Of these, more than 180 of them are R&D and related professionals. Besides, the Group has strengthened its recruitment, training and collaboration among industry, academia and the research sector. These efforts have strengthened our talent structure to cope with current rapid growth.

The Group has made progress to digitise its human resources management system as an integral part of the Organisation and Management 2.0 Programme. The Group engaged a leading human resources services supplier in Asia Pacific to build its HR management system, a core database and people and talent management platform for the Group. The platform collects and maintains comprehensive database of people and talent by consolidating key data and businesses. In addition, it also performs salary payment, performance evaluation, work attendance record, business travel itinerary and reimbursement functions. This system will lessen the workload of HR staff and enhance management efficiency.

“People” and “Culture” are always inextricably linked in Corporate Culture. A strong corporate culture can make an organisation more dynamic. Corporate culture is closely aligned with a corporation’s present stage of development and strategy as well as in its future development in time. During the first year of its listing, the Group has examined, reorganised and refined its corporate culture. Guided by Intron’s two core elements of “craftsmanship” and “innovation” since its inception, Intron Technology has developed a distinctive corporate culture and values reflecting its unique characteristics. The new corporate culture maintain its heritage while developing its innovation. It is characterised by Intron Technology’s spirit and determination, which have been gradually forged in over more than a decade, and encompasses the Group’s future business and strategic directions, brand positioning and values after listing.

Photo 2: Open and simple workplace

Mr. Davy Luk, Chairman of Intron Technology, said, “We strive to optimise working efficiency and working experience of our team and advocate a relatively flat and highly efficient organisational structure. With the principle of simplicity, openness, flexible and efficiency, this will promote revolutionary change to working approach and maximise the value of our work results. Under this organisational framework of ‘Great Intron’, we could achieve sustainability in the organisational management and enhance the efficiency of operation, communication and decision-making. With respect to the new corporate culture and values, Intron Technology and our subsidiaries, including Intron Electronics, Intron, G-Pulse and Maxdone, will implement and promote this common standard.”

Technological Innovation and Striving Growth Amidst Adversity

Factors such as the escalation of trade tensions between China and the US, slowing economic growth, the upcoming launch of China's National Stage 6 vehicle emissions standards and double-point system have impacted negatively to the automobile industry in China. Since last year, the automobile industry suddenly slumped and has not showed any signs of recovery until the beginning of this year. According to public information, the overall automobile market in China showed a weak performance in 2018, reporting a negative growth in annual sales volume for the first time in the past 28 years. In such a challenging macro environment, the Group has focused its efforts on technological innovation to drive its overall development. It has also implemented integrated policies, with “stability” as a top priority and ensured that its policies are precisely focused. The Group’s efforts continue to strive operation growth amidst such an adverse environment.

This growth is supported by our various efforts including our continuous investment in development and innovation, our efforts to enhance R&D team and build laboratory facilities, our strategic cooperation with top industrial companies around the world as well as establishment and optimisation of an international innovative R&D system. This has steadily improved our core R&D capabilities and yielded fruitful results in design and development, system integration and database management, particularly in the area of electronics for new energy vehicles. Within one year after the listing, Intron Technology and its subsidiaries have obtained approval for more than 40 national IPs comprising invention patents, new patents for utility models, software copyrights with nearly 20 more applications in the process for approval.

Photo 3: R&D centre in Shanghai

At the same time, Intron Technology has strengthened our offices presence and R&D network in the Greater China Region under the principle of “Near Customer Support, Multi-location R&D”. From the listing to early July 2019, we have setup new offices and standardised corporate logo in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Changchun, Wuhan, Taipei, and a new warehouse and logistics centre in Shanghai. These new locations have improved our working environment and also strengthened our R&D and supportive facilities to our customers. In this July, Intron Technology has acquired a property covering nearly 4,000 square metres in Shanghai to build a sizable R&D, testing and authentication centre, including several laboratories with industry-leading testing and verification equipment. This centre is set to strengthen the Group’s capabilities in R&D, testing and commercialisation of product development, thereby bolstering its customer services and market development efforts.

Photo 4: Optimised image of Intron Technology’s subsidiaries or offices

Keeping up our original passion, we are committed to accomplish our mission. Intron Technology will strive to achieve our mission with each baby-step progress we make. Leveraging the capital market of Hong Kong, we will continue to refine and develop five areas in Market, R&D, Management, Operation and Human Resources Management. We will more closely connect our resources and better cover the market of the Greater China Region, make full use of our unique advantages and build a services platform for the domestic Chinese automotive electronics industry, and ultimately create value for our employees, our shareholders, the industry and society as a whole.



About Intron Technology Holdings Limited (英恒科技控股有限公司)
Intron Technology Holdings Limited is a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China focuses on providing solutions targeting critical automotive electronic components applied in New Energy, Body Control, Safety and Powertrain systems. The Group utilises its research and development and engineering capabilities to provide solutions incorporating advanced semiconductor devices to help OEMs achieve industry leading performance.


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