"Strongest Assistance" for Safe Driving
Intron Technology's Subsidiary G-Pulse Launched a Camera Monitoring System (CMS) Solution


(Hong Kong, May 13, 2024) -A wholly-owned subsidiary of Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or "Group"; stock code: 1760.HK), a leading provider of automotive electronics solutions in China The company- Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited, launched another masterpiece in the field of smart cabin: the Camera Monitoring System (CMS) solution. This solution replaces the traditional exterior rearview mirrors of automobiles with "outdoor high-definition cameras + interior electronic screens", which fundamentally solves the pain points of traditional physical mirrors, such as wind resistance and large blind spots in the field of vision, poor vision at night, and poor vision in rain and snow. The new smart cabin experience helps driving safety.

Intron Technology CMS solution (appearance indication)

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, whether it is technology-driven smart life or user needs to guide technological changes, creating smart cabin that combine the advantages of unbounded interaction, immersive experience, and design aesthetics is becoming the focus of current automotive innovation. Car exterior mirrors, known as the "third eye" of the driver, are also accelerating their evolution towards technological aesthetics under this wave of intelligence, and Intron Technology's CMS solution emerged at the historic moment.

The solution is based on the new national standard GB15084-2022 "Motor vehicles—Device for indirect vision-Requirement of performance and installation". Being a cost-effective platform, the solution consists of three parts: a high-definition camera, a control system and a display screen. When the vehicle is running, CMS transmits the images of the cameras installed outside the vehicle to the high-definition display in the cockpit in real time after multiple algorithm processing, which for the driver to perceive and judge the surrounding environment. With the advantages of better imaging, lower latency, greater range, and strong glare prevention, the imaging is still clear and smooth even in extreme environments such as rain, snow, fog, etc., so it can be described as the "strongest assistant" for driving safety.

Unlike most traditional CMSs, which are "1 controller + 2 cameras + 2 electronic screens", Intron Technology adopts the technical route of "(1 controller + 1 camera + 1 electronic screen) x 2" structure. The controller of the former, uses coaxial wire-harness transmissions to each screen on both sides, which will need an additional adapter board behind the screen. However, most screen supplier does not provide corresponding solution and services for coaxial transmission and De-Serializer socket, and leaves it to OEMs or CMS suppliers, leading to unnecessary hardware cost and engineering effort. In the Intron Technology CMS solution, two controller is installed on the back of each screen, and connected to the camera directly, and there will no interference and dependency between the left and right “mirror”. The system is more simplified, and the total cost is better by removing unnecessary coaxial connection.

Traditional CMS solution

Intron Technology CMS solution

Two 2M@60fps high-definition cameras replace the traditional big-ear exterior rearview mirrors on both sides. Intron Technology's solution has a compact body shape and is only about 1/3 of the size of traditional rearview mirrors or even smaller, making it more aerodynamic. This reduces wind resistance and further reduces wind noise. The cabin is equipped with two 1280×720@60fps high-definition displays to ensure high-quality output. And in the controller behind, there is an Infineon Cypress's image processing microcontroller (MCU), equipped with two Arm Cortex-M7 cores with a frequency of up to 320 MHz, with best-in-class ASIL-B safety performance. It also has a built-in new graphics engine with new intelligent rendering technology that can reduce the memory required for graphics processing by three to five times. The innovative "line buffer processing technology" requires only 10% of the buffer size of the traditional frame buffer solution compared with similar devices on the market, thus reducing power consumption, memory requirements and BOM costs.

The average latency of the overall solution is less than 40ms, the power-on start-up time is less than two seconds, and the performance indicators are far better than the national standard and industry average. The solution supports automatic display zooming and manual touch control for zooming, field of view (FOV) adjustment, color brightness and other adjustment functions. The solution also provides dynamic FOV adjustment function. When turning, the field of view in the corresponding direction is automatically expanded; when reversing, the FOV on both sides of the vehicle is expanded simultaneously to reduce the blind spots and obtain a larger wide-angle FOV than conventional mirrors. In CMS controller, a serializer can be used for bypassing image data to ADAS or Cockpit controller for further system AI function extension, including perception and recognition of people, vehicles, and other obstacles. The system solution supports subsequent OTA upgrades, which can further expand the application capabilities.

The self-developed, digital simulation FOV calibration system is based on the 3-demansional coordinates of camera position, car body, and imaging, which provides the best fusion calibration based on the principles of viewing angle, installation position and human vision. The system involves a large number of parameters and engineering-level development calculations, it ensures that the background parameters can be dynamically adjusted and output in real time. At the same time, the CMS solution is equipped with multiple optimization algorithms, such as fog penetration, anti-flicker, and strong light suppression to obtain the best imaging and scene view. With world-class advanced hardware configuration, mature and reliable application system, and powerful and comprehensive functional support, the CMS solution can significantly shorten the development and verification cycle of OEMs and suppliers.

Intron Technology's Digital-analog FOV calibration system

Mr. Sam Qin, Chief Technology Officer of Intron Technology said, "CMS not only provides stronger visual aids, it is also related to the safety of drivers and passengers. With nearly 20 years of development and technology accumulation, Intron Technology not only pays attention to the product technology itself, but also pays more attention to safety of the entire product platform. All productization solutions have been fully demonstrated and rigorously tested and verified. CMS is another innovative solution of Intron Technology in the field of smart cabin, which has significant advantages in terms of technological innovation, functional integration, safety and reliability, and system cost. Intron Technology is actively working with domestic and global partners to continuously promote the innovation and applications of advanced smart cabin, and to implement more breakthrough results to create a safer and smarter travel experience. "


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